About Tony Acevedo Designs

For over twenty years Tony Acevedo has specialized in pedigree dog sculptures. Tony has created hundreds of sculptures consisting of limited edition and memorial trophy bronzes, jewelry designs (pins and pendants), along with commission pieces created for American Kennel Club (AKC) clients.  The sculptures were primarily constructed in clay and made into a mold for casting in either cold-cast or foundry bronze.  All of Tony's new sculptures are made of high-quality, foundry bronze that will last for many generations.

Tony has produced over 1200 sculptures that include over 120 different breeds of dogs in various action poses and settings, as well as sculptures depicting their historical interaction with humans and other animals.  In addition, he has created other wildlife and sea life in action.  Tony's work has been sold and prominently displayed worldwide.

Tony's art background includes current studies on mold making, metal casting, lost wax process (used for casting) and investigation of foundry procedures.  Majoring in fine art, his past related course work includes life drawing, three dimensional design, illustrations, oil and acrylic painting. Tony also studied architecture at New York's Delehanty Institute of Technology, where he earned his architectural certification.

Please feel free to call me if you would like to place your order over the phone, talk about a sculpture or dog breed that I can design and create for you or any other questions you may have. Thanks!

Email tony at: [email protected]

Business: (949) 306-1041